My Garage Door Opens Partially Then Stops

We came across with one of the forum talking about their door not opening all the way. It is indeed one of the biggest concerns of any garage door owners. As an owner, it is in your most annoying moment, when you wake up in the morning, running late, and then you just discovered that your door is not opening properly.

Before calling professionals, follow some of the tips below. You might be able to save plenty of cash if you can determine and solve the problem on your own.


Something Is Blocking The Way

Modern designed garage doors have a reversing mechanism that prevents the door from crashing into something on its way. It can be a small toy or a garbage can that triggers the function of the mechanism. If you think that there is nothing that is blocking the way, check the lenses and give it a little cleaning.

It is a good idea to clean it once in a while to avoid any dust, spider web or dirt that accumulates the lenses. Use a damp cloth and carefully wipe the lenses off.

Broken Or Defective Springs

You can determine that it is your spring that is causing your door to stop opening all the way by disconnecting the cord from the opener and manually lifting it. If it is heavy to lift, then it is probably the cause of the problem in the opening mechanism. In this case, we recommend that you call a professional to address the issue. Garage door springs are very dangerous and could cause serious damage or even death.

Adjusting The Simple Travel Limit And The Force Limit

Check if something is binding the door when opening and closing it manually. If there is none, then it might need a simple travel limit or force limit adjustment. This is the most common problem that your door won’t open all the way. To give you information about these, the travel limit controls how far your garage door opens and closes during its operation, while force limit controls how much pull is needed to get the door completely open.  

You may check the owner’s manual on how to do the adjustment. What is certain with any kind of model or brand is, you have to turn the screws on the side or push the colored buttons.

Always test it after making the adjustment to make sure that the safety reverse mechanism is functioning properly. This can prevent you from any danger and from damaging the door itself.

A Faulty Logic Control Board

If your garage door opens and suddenly stops, it might be because of your logic board. The logic board receives and responds signals to any remote. You might need to consider replacing it if your door is not working properly, or you may purchase a new opener. Doing this can save you some amount of cash.

Additionally, a simple rebooting can help you save the problem. At times, your machine just needs a refresh for it to work excellently.


Why Does My Garage Door Won’t Open All The Way In Cold Weather?

Aside from the fact that having a problem opening your garage door is really annoying, the cold weather aggravates the situation. It would be more challenging to drive a car that has a cold steering wheel and sitting uncomfortably in a cold seat.

Cold weather can affect the performance of your garage door.

Trying these garage door fixes might help you solve your problem.

Poor or Lack of Lubrication

During cold weather, it is possible that grease becomes compact and hardened, making it difficult for the garage door to operate smoothly. Check the grease on the tracks and joints. Wipe out the old grease with a grease solvent and put a new lubricant. Make sure that it has enough amount of grease, add if necessary.

In cold weather, your door will open smoothly if it has a high amount of grease.  Proper maintenance is essential for the door to function properly.


Metal Pieces Contracts and Shrink

Another reason that your garage door won’t open all the way in cold weather is probably that the metal has contracted. In cold temperature, the space between molecules reduces making the metal shrinks. If this is the reason your garage door is not functioning properly, the lubricant must be applied. Lubricating the springs, hinges and other metal parts can help your door to move easily.

Broken Springs

Springs are important parts of a garage door. If any of them are broken, the immediate result is your door won’t function properly, or won’t open all the way.

The garage springs are normally fragile and rigid. And, at times, a lower temperature can impact your springs causing it to be broken. If this happens, we suggest that you seek professional help. This is a job that a newbie can’t handle.

Preventive maintenance doesn’t only save you from experiencing difficulty and inconveniences; it also saves you from spending a lot of money for repair. Make sure to give your door time for inspection.

But if problems arise and you think you need professionals to handle the situation, contact Inland Overhead Company.