Garage Door Opener Battery Backup- Mandatory

Battery backup

Many homeowners take for granted their modern garage door as they believe it won’t have any problems. But the reality is that your garage door system functions on electricity and it takes only a power outage to stop it from functioning and compel you to open and close it manually; which was the traditional way before automatic garage doors were developed.

Power outages can happen any time and at times they last longer. That is why a battery backup for the garage door system is crucial so it can remain functional.


California Law Update: Battery Backup Mandatory

A new law has made it mandatory for all garage door operators that after July 1st of 2019 all-new garage door openers sold and installed in homes or even in commercial areas must be completely functional with a backup battery system. This law was mandated in response to the disaster happened during the major wildfire season in the year of 2017. There were at least 5 people who died during this incident because they couldn’t open their garage doors during a power outage. This resulted in their cars getting stuck in the garage and had no way evacuate. These people were mostly elderly, who are incapable of opening their garage doors manually or had no idea how to reconnect their garage door openers.


Why Do I Need A Battery Backup?

One of the most important pieces of equipment in your home is your garage door. It can be used in many ways and it serves well in providing security. If it cannot function properly, your vehicle and even you might get stuck in your garage. Your battery backup will ensure that your garage door will function even during a power outage. While it is possible to open and close your garage door manually, some things can go wrong. Your garage door is made of many different parts and if mishandled while trying to operate it manually can lead to a costly repair.

Moreover, in case you forget to reconnect your trolley after manually using it, your security might be at stake as intruders can enter your home through the door.  

During a power outage, your battery backup will automatically function to open and close your garage door. It can function for not less than 10 cycles and the battery can last for up to 24 hours. When the power is back, the battery recharges itself automatically with electricity.


Want A New Garage Door Opener?

Do you often experience a power outage in your area? Was there a time when a family member was trying to get his/her car but got stuck because of a power outage? Would you like to experience the convenience of having a garage door battery backup? Then, it is time to get a new garage door opener. Give us a call so we can give you options right for your budget. Be ahead of any emergencies and get your battery back up today. For more information, please contact Inland Overhead Door.