6 Signs That Your Garage Door Needs Repair Or Maintenance

A garage door has become an essential part of a home. Since it provides an extra layer of security to homes, it has become widely used by many homeowners. According to a survey done by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 80% of homes are composed of a garage.


The development of mechanisms and materials of garage doors have become sturdier. However, even the well-installed and sturdiest garage door may need occasional service.

A malfunctioned door is not only costly to repair but it can also be dangerous to you and your family. According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS), there are over 10,000 injuries per year caused by garage doors. That is why fixing garage door problems as early as possible is crucial.


Here we outlined the most common symptoms that show when it is time for your garage door to get a service. Whatever the type of service your garage door may need, could it be door alignment or spring repair, regular maintenance and service are the best ways to extend its life span and maintain the value of your home. Read on to know the problems you have to pay attention to.



1. Your Garage Door Is Making A Lot of Noise During Its Operation


The most apparent sign that your garage door has a problem can be heard. Although it is normal for your garage door to make some sound during its opening and closing, it should be regular and smooth. If you are operating your garage door and getting this unusual sound, more aggressive and wrenching, then, you likely need to have your garage door repaired. There are two reasons why your garage is making an unusual sound; a damaged motor and/or damaged springs may need lubrication. Once in a while, the motor of your garage door can become damaged. In this case, a professional might either do a little adjustment or to totally replace the old motor. While replacing the garage door motor is expensive, it can be an opportunity for you to upgrade your motor to a quieter and smoother one.   


2. Has Problems When Opening or Closing


When the door fails to operate properly like it doesn’t respond to controls regularly or it moves up and down in an inconsistent way lacking smoothness like the usual, the door tells that it needs repair. In an ideal way, the door should be responding to its control in not more than one second. Once the button is pressed, it should not be refusing. If it shows some signs of delays or refusal, it can mean there is a faulty connection with the circuitry, faulty wiring or the door is coming off its tracks. In case the door shows problems when opening or closing, check if something is blocking its way or best consult a licensed professional.



3. Garage Door Excessively Shakes When Opening or Closing


While it can be normal for a garage door to create some amount of movement during its operation, an excessive tremor can mean that there is something wrong with it. A shaky garage door can be the effect of loose hinges and screw, corroded or broken tracks, rollers that come off the tracks and others. Whichever the cause is a shaky garage door should be repaired immediately before anything serious could happen.



4. Saggy Garage Door


Shaky motions and unusual sounds can easily disturb homeowners, yet a saggy garage door is normally overlooked. Over time, the garage door tends to sag. In some cases, sagging can be a cause of a worn tension spring or dulled rollers or tracks. You can test the condition of your garage door by lifting it manually and see if it sags for an inch or two. A sagging condition should be remedied right away to prevent the door from losing its balance and causing danger to you, your family, pets, and vehicle.  



5. Worn Out or Broken Parts


A garage door is composed of different parts and each one is vital for its operation. Thus, inspecting it regularly can lengthen its life span and can keep you from spending a lot of money for a replacement. Check for damaged weather stripping located at the bottom of the door. Check for chipped, broken or worn rollers to ensure smooth operation. If you see loose screws, wires or bolts, make sure to replace or repair them as they can lead to a more serious problem. If it is necessary, you may hire a professional to inspect your garage door for broken or worn out sections.



6. Increasing Utility Bill


As the largest moving equipment in your home, your garage door has a lot of impact on the insulation system of the entire household. If your garage door is not functioning well, it doesn’t seal properly when shut. It can allow the outside temperature to impact the interior of your home causing your bill to greatly increase. Make sure to perform regular maintenance or opt for a new garage door system. Modern garage doors are built to be more energy efficient helping homeowners save money from energy bills.


Your garage door might be the sturdiest machine you have in your home, but nothing lasts forever. Just like other machines it gets worn out and may require service or maintenance. If you notice signs of damage, don’t hesitate to call Overhead Door Company. We are known for our quality service, repair, and maintenance. We also offer excellent and safety-tested commercial and industrial garage doors. Please call us today.