Protect Your Garage Door From Snowstorm

With the latest snowstorm warnings, keeping your garage door working properly in winter can be your strongest defense from wind chills and storm watches.

Because garage doors are considered the strongest and most sturdy equipment of a home, they often go by the wayside. But, aside from your roof, walls, and foundation, your garage door can be your most powerful mechanism to protect you and your home during this cold season.

Here you will know some tips on how to protect your garage door before, during and after a snowstorm. Before Snowstorm

Snowstorm, together with strong winds, can cause significant damage to your garage door, affecting its daily routine. While regular maintenance is crucial, taking some more steps can ensure the smooth and proper operation of your garage doors and helps its longevity. Lubricate All Moving Parts

In cold weather, the moving parts like tracks, hinges, rollers, and bushing tend to stick and stall. Make sure to lubricate all these parts so your garage door can run smoothly.

You can use regular grade machine oil and when done, remove any excess oil to avoid additional build-up to your door.

dating after 35 bostonbeacon hill Prepare Snowblowers And Shovels

Snowblowers and shovels are two important tools that can be used to scrape snow that has piled up around your home or in front of your garage door. Take them out so they can be readily accessible in times you need them. Make sure that they are working properly and have enough gas to function.

Sprinkle Salt Or Sand In A Driveway

Salt and sand are effective in giving more traction to cars. During a snowstorm, your driveway might be filled with snow pile causing damage to your garage and garage door. Spreading salt or snow to your driveway can prevent collision and freezing to the floor when temperature drops and snowfalls.


During Snowstorm

Shovel As Often As You Can

In winter, you can expect tons of snow that can accumulate against your door. Accumulated snow can add pressure to the already heavy weight of the garage door, affecting its operation. In addition, a pile of snow can cause damage to the integrity of your garage door. Shovel while it snows or shovel as often as you can to keep your garage door working properly.

Shovel To The Ground

It can be difficult to grab a shovel and direct the snow to the ground especially when it is wet outside and the snow is heavy. But doing this is crucial to prevent snow from melting and refreezing at night against the garage door. After The Snowstorm

Check All Metal Parts

Garage doors are composed of different metal parts. When the temperature drops to a certain level, these metal parts tend to contract. Metal contraction can cause garage doors to malfunction and create unnecessary noise during its operation. Make sure to check these areas. Inspect these areas to make sure that the door will operate smoothly. Moreover, remove any remaining salt and or snow near the garage door.


Ways To Keep Your Garage Warm in Winter


Aside from the tips above in preparing your home for the coming snowstorm, keeping your garage warm in winter can benefit you a lot such as, saving some amount of money and keeping yourself from the hassle.

  • Fix or replace Weatherstripping

Weather-stripping makes a seal that bonds the garage door and its opening. This material can crack and brittle over time; allowing air to enter the area.

If you notice air seeping into the garage, remove the old weather-stripping and scrape off the sealant. When done, apply the new weather-stripping. Make sure to measure and align it properly to the garage door for a good result.

  • Insulate the Garage Walls

Insulating your garage walls can help to create a protective barrier from severe winter weather. Luckily, insulation is made of different materials. But if you want to use fiberglass batt insulation, make sure to choose the proper thickness for your walls.

Moreover, when installing the insulation, read the manuals carefully and follow the instructions.

  • Install A heater

Though weather stripping and insulation have their own way of protecting your garage from extremely cold weather, they don’t do much help in keeping your garage warm. Putting in a heater in your garage can do well in warming the area. Aside from the fact that a heater only requires a small space, it’s construction is not costly

You can choose to go for an electric heater or a gas heater.


It is important to protect your garage door from a snowstorm. As the snow warning continues, consider taking all these tips to keep your garage door and your garage protected. If you find yourself having problems with your garage door and it needs repair, contact Inland Overhead Door. We cater to all services related to garage doors. Our company also provides 24/7 emergency services.