Learn More About Garage Door Flood Vents

Learn More About Garage Door Flood Vents

Flooding and the use of garage door flood vents are two essential topics that need proper discussion if you own a commercial property. You may desire to scrutinize your flood policy if you have flood insurance and your place is in a flood area. Expect water damage to your property during severe storms and violent flooding. Thus, updating your flood insurance and elevation certificate, and placing Engineered ICC Flood Rated Vents could be more efficient to protect your property throughout a flooding incident.

Know What A Flood Vent Is

FEMA-compliant and ICC-ES Certified Engineered Flood Vents safeguard homes and buildings throughout floods by inhibiting hydrostatic pressure accumulation. This can knock down walls and foundations. The mitigation method known as Wet Floodproofing lets floodwater flow openly through a crawlspace or garage.

What are the Types of Flood Vents?

Flood vents that are constructed out of marine grade stainless steel (T316L Stainless Steel) are able to stand up to usage in severe marine and chemical environments.

1. Engineered Flood Vents:

  •  ICC-ES certified
  • Have attained the needed regulations, design guidelines, and performance standards
  • Have been proven as flood vents and have a flood coverage rating depending on the performance

2. Non-Engineered Flood Vents:

  • Not appropriate as flood vents
  • Have not undergone any of the needed tests to certify as an engineered flood vent
  • Only act as an air vent

Garage Door Insulated Flood Vents


The overhead garage door models are designed for typical overhead doors and other entry doors that close and open daily. A built-in CAM system permits the garage door to function as usual, while the flood vent remains locked. Owners use this sequence for a garage where flood protection is necessary, but do not want an air ventilation system.

Flood Protection

The door vent stays fastened closed until it encounters flood water. Entering water raises the internal floats which unfasten and let the door turn around open. This system permits the floodwater to enter and exit through the opening, alleviating the pressure from the foundation walls. Validated flood debris clearance is shown with a 3″ diameter vent when the flood door is triggered.


The garage door vent contains a 2″ insulated core with an R-value of 8.34. Also, it has a weather stripping that lines the whole door vent frame. It helps keep the garage cool and the door vent insulated.

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