How To Eliminate Noise From Your Garage Door

eliminate noise from garage door

As a homeowner, you can experience a lot of problems with your garage door. But the most annoying one is when it creates a loud noise every time it needs to be operated. When it is too loud, you might even hear some complaints from your neighbor.

Fortunately, there are some handy tips that you can do to fix this problem. This article will tell you the reasons why your garage door is making such an irritating sound and how to solve the problems. 

Ways to Eliminate Noise from Garage Door


Tighten Up All Loose Parts

Your garage door performs most of the time, every day, in your home. Because of that, screws, nuts, and bolts become loosen.  When one of these parts is not properly tightened, your garage door rattles and vibrates more than its usual performance.  As a result, it creates an unusual sound.

Solution: Go over the entire garage system for screws, nuts, and bolt that need to be tightened. Use a wrench or socket set to solve this problem. Once you have this, you should not be hearing any unusual sounds. But, if the sound has not been eliminated, then you go over and check other causes.

Apply Lubricant in All Moving Parts

Another reason why your garage door is creating an unusual sound is because of dry or worn out parts. If the noise you are hearing is like a squeaking, it is most likely the moving parts need lubricant.

Solution: Apply a lubricant. Applying a lubricant like WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease Spray can help in getting rid of that squeaking sound. Yet, lubrication is not a one-time job. It needs to be done often or every six months to avoid the same problem. Or, when necessary replace the parts of your garage door. 

If spraying lubricant did not solve the problem, then you must go with the next solution.

Replace Any Worn Parts

Your garage door has rollers, hinges, tracks, and springs. They all play an important role in the function of your garage door. If any of them are not in good shape, they could create a disturbing sound and can cause safety risks. 

Solution: Before jumping into a conclusion of replacing all parts, it is best to check where the noise is coming from. 

Open and shut your garage door to identify the location of this annoying sound. Once you have discovered which part is making the noise, remove and replace it. 

If you think you are not skilled in doing the replacement, call professionals to do it. 

Check or Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Most of the time, the noise that is coming out from your garage door during its operation is connected from your door opener. Over time, your garage door opener gets old and weakens. That could be the reason your garage door is making that loud noise.

Solution: Replace your garage door opener. 

However, before coming into a solution of replacing the opener, you can do some things.

  • If you are using a chain-driven unit, you might just need to apply a lubricant on the chain. 
  • If the noise coming from the opener due to worn out inner-workings, check your manual and do some adjustments. Contact professionals if you need help.

If any of these two did not eliminate the noise, then it might be time to replace your opener.

Use Some Rubber As Buffers To Your Garage Door

Any sort of metal can create a loud noise while rubber can absorb all the vibrations and keep everything quiet. Using rubber to your garage door can be used as a buffer. 

  • Before placing a rubber, make sure to unplug the motor of the garage door opener.
  • Put a ladder under the door and let it rest gently.
  • Remove the bolts and the motor from its mounting tracks. Place the motor above the woodblocks. 
  • Remove the door-track bracket from the wall.
  • Drill that rubber pad at the back of the mounting bracket and attach it to the wall again.
  • Using rubber pads, hand the motor from the mounting straps.
  • Take out the ladder and the wood blocking.
  • Test the garage door and opener to make sure that they work properly.

If Nothing Works, Get a New Garage Door

This can be your last resort. If you have done everything, and none of them eliminated the noise, then it is time to take a drastic decision. Noise can be a signal that you have to replace it with a new one.

The next time you get a new garage door, consider the ones that are made of steel. They are more durable and can endure any type of weather. Moreover, getting a quality garage door opener and installing the garage door properly go hand in hand in having a quiet and reliable garage door. 

Most importantly, a garage door can last longer if proper maintenance is kept and timely. 

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Energy-Efficient Garage Doors

energy-efficient garage goor

When you think of energy-efficient improvement in your house, you may first think of kitchen appliances or insulated windows. The last thing you would probably think is your garage door. 

Most homeowners do not give much thought on making their garage door energy efficient because they think that a garage is an extension of their home. But your garage is also a part of your home that affects your energy consumption. It also gives an impact on the environment. Making your garage door as energy efficient as it can be is as important as the other parts of your house. 

Why Use Energy-Efficient Garage Door

A garage is often the most uninsulated room in an entire home. That means it is less energy efficient. But, the air temperature in your garage spread to the connecting rooms, next to it or above it. Thus, it will need your heating or cooling system to work harder. 

In summer, a garage that is not insulated can get hot that can damage electrical components, such as stored electrical items, garage door and also your car. If it is not too hot, intense heat can damage a car battery.

Extreme heat can also shorten the lifespan of your garage door. Thus, repair or replacement might happen often.

In winter, your garage can be a little warmer than the outside air. A below-freezing temperature can put the garage door spring and lubrication at risk. Moreover, build up ice can affect the performance of your garage door, making it complicated for you to commute.

There are really great reasons for using an energy-efficient garage door. Those include;

  1. It’s a place for convenience

An eco-friendly garage door can help in controlling the inside temperature during summer and winter. Having this type of door allows you to create an extension of your home. If space allows you to switch it to an office, a gym or any type of room, you can do it conveniently. 

  1. It can decrease your energy usage

Heating your home during winter is extremely costly. And, your garage can have a significant factor that contributes to your bill.

When your garage is uninsulated during winter, cold air can easily get through the entryways, vents, and walls. Due to this, your heating system needs to work harder to provide enough heat for your home’s comfortable temperature. As a result, you need to pay a high energy bill.

According to Energy Star, good and proper insulation of your home, including your garage can lower your annual energy bill up to 15%. 

  1. It warms your car’s temperature

You don’t want to get into a freezing cold car and drive it. An energy-efficient garage door can keep your car warm, making it comfortable to drive.

Cold temperature can lead oil to thicken. As a result, it will be harder for the engine to turn over and could cause difficulty in the moving parts. Moreover, cold temperature can lower its efficiency. In most cases, it will have difficulty to get started. 

  1. It provides comfort to the connecting rooms

If you have a living room or any type of room above your garage, an insulated garage door can help in making it a cozy-comfortable place to stay. 

  1. Repair or maintenance is inexpensive

Energy-Efficient garage doors are made of solid materials which means they can last longer than ordinary garage doors. With this, those who own an energy-efficient garage door can save a lot of money. 

How to Measure Your Garage Door’s Energy Efficiency

Some factors determine a garage door’s efficiency. It could be based on the materials used and the number of layers in the garage door. But the two main factors that accurately determine its efficiency is its R-value and U value.

R-value shows how effective the insulation material is at preventing heat loss. While U-value describes the entire door’s efficiency in preventing heat loss. Both values tell how efficient your garage door’s insulation.

The higher the R-value, the better it is in resisting conductive heat. While with U-value, the lower the U-value is, the better it is in resisting conductive heat.

Insulation Choices for Garage Doors

Aside from its ability to prevent cool and warm air to retreat from the garage, insulating your garage door has other advantages; it strengthens the door, it can become sturdier in facing accidental damage and helps in cutting down noise pollution from the street.

There are three different options you can choose from when opting for an energy-efficient garage door;

  1. Single-layer doors are the most barely insulated doors. They are most suitable for garages that are not attached to your house.
  2. Double –layer doors– these doors use polystyrene insulation
  3. Triple-layer doors – These doors include polyurethane insulation. They can give the best level of energy efficiency. 

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How To Keep Your Garage Safe For Your Child

clean and safe garage

As a parent or a guardian, one thing that you highly focus on is keeping your children safe and away from any danger. Yet, even your home is not free from any danger, especially with little ones that are naturally curious. 

One of the areas that are prone to danger is your garage. Your garage is an important area in your house where important things are stored, for instance vehicles, appliances, motorcycles, flammable items, sports equipment, and lawn tools. These items are harmful to your children. To add up, your garage door can create danger that can harm your children.

Now, what you need to do to keep this place free from danger; to keep your little ones protected?


Start by Asking these Questions

Before doing anything consider some questions that can help you assess what you need to do to keep your garage a safe place for your children.

  • Do these tools and chemicals posses danger to my children? How can I keep them away from these curious little ones?
  • How often should I maintain my garage door?
  • How accessible is my garage for my children? Do I have to use a padlock to prevent them from easily getting into the area?
  • How can I make sure that my vehicles stored in my garage will not injure my children?

Now that you have already evaluated those dangers that are present in your garage, it is time to take actions in protecting your children.


Put Harmful Chemicals and Tools Away From Your Kids

Some of the tools that are stored in your garage are the ones that are used for your lawn and gardening, for example lawnmowers, shovels, rakes, pitchforks, and other garden tools. These tools are sharp and intriguing to young minds. Thus, it is necessary that you keep them away from your children or out of their sight. Moreover, you may want to consider installing a cabinet or a rack where you can place these tools. Also, make sure that any heavy or sharp tools are placed in a proper manner to avoid them from falling to children. 


We can’t avoid having some chemicals or other liquid items in our home. They are usually used for cleaning and for other important purposes. Yet, these chemicals are very harmful to children. Make sure to properly seal the containers or storage and put them in places that are beyond the reach of your children. You may also consider having another cabinet for these liquids and lock the cabinet up.


Some items that you think may not cause harm to your children are your garbage can, pet food, and big containers. They seem harmless but the truth is they can also cause danger to your children. Store them in proper places, not accessible to young ones.

Remember that all things that are new to these young minds are interesting for them. Proper storing of any of them can prevent your children in acquiring injuries.


Limit Their Access To Your Garage

Young ones will always find a way to explore all areas of your home and that includes your garage. Securing your garage will limit their access to the area. Consider some of these things in securing your garage.

  • Put a lock on the interior door that connects to your garage. You can use a knob lock with a doorknob cover and make sure to lock it all the time.
  • If you don’t have an interior door that connects to your garage door, you may consider installing a Dutch door. A Dutch door is a type of door that has two sections. That allows you to open that top part of it and keeping the bottom part closed. This door is an ideal in keeping your children to sneak out while you are doing some activities in your garage. This type of door also allows some air to circulate in the area.
  • Make sure that your garage door is completely closed. At times, we are in a hurry and not mindful if the door is completely closed or not. Modern garage doors have sensors that auto-reverse when something is blocking its way. When this happens, the tendency is your children can get access to your garage. You can avoid this to happen by placing things even small ones away from your garage door.                                                                 

Keep Your Garage Door Child-Safe

Like other operated machines, your garage door can experience daily wear and tear. This could lead to broken or damaged parts and could eventually cause danger. Keeping your garage door well operated can prevent it from harming anyone.

  • Ideally, give your garage door a quick look once a month. Inspect the small parts, hardware, and sensors. make sure that they are in proper positions and not loosened or detached. 
  • Keep the remote out of reach and place the buttons on a higher position.
  • Test the sensors. Your garage door has a reverse mechanism that keeps it from crashing anything or anyone. This is a standard feature that promotes child-safety.
  • Repair or replace if needed. If you think that your garage door needs repair or replacement then do so. This prevents harm not only to your children but also to your entire family.


Be Mindful Of The Danger Your Vehicle Can Make

Your vehicle is one of the most dangerous items you store in your garage. During the time it is in its full stop or in time it is called into action. Childproof your vehicle with these tips;

  • Never allow your children to get access to your car. Keep the doors closed and the keys are not present inside your car. If you leave your keys inside the car, the tendency is they will use all their knowledge to turn it on. And, it is not possible that this action could hurt your child. 
  • Make sure that your child is not standing behind your car. Check anything first before backing out from your garage. Use your rear-view mirror to make sure that you are not going to hurt anyone. Make sure that your child is in a safe area before doing the action.
  • If you have a motorcycle, position it safely. Make sure that a parking brake is turned on and a stand is fixed and working properly.

Your garage and garage door are important parts of your home. Though they are prone to causing danger to children, doing any precautions can give you peace of mind. Make sure that everything is placed in a safe area and everyone understands or aware of the danger.