The Advantages of A Fire-rated Overhead Door In Commercial Buildings

The Advantages Of A Fire-rated Overhead Door In Commercial Buildings

Your business can be vulnerable to fire. When a fire hits your property, it can be very destructive. Fire extinguishers, alarms, and detectors can help protect your building and its occupants, but they can only go so far. A fire-rated door can provide optimum protection. It can restrict the spread of fire and protect your business. In this article, you will learn the advantages of using a fire-rated overhead door

What is a Fire-rated Door?

A fire-rated door is specially designed to prevent or slow the spread of fire and smoke. It is made of fire-resistant materials like steel, timber, glass, or vermiculite boards gypsum. Though the door will eventually burn through in a fire, they can resist flames for a specified period of time. By blocking the fire and smoke, occupants can have time to exit the building. Also, it gives firefighters some time to handle the situation. This also helps minimize the overall property damage.

The Advantages of a Fire-rated Door 

When installed correctly and maintained, a fire-rated door can give your facility excellent protection. Here are the clear benefits of a fire-rated commercial overhead door. 

Minimize damage and recovery cost

Because fire-rated doors can contain the fire to the affected area, it helps lessen the damage to your property. This door prevents fire to spread and cause damage. As a result, your business can recover quickly, not to mention lesser repair costs. 

Limit the spread of smoke and toxic gases

Though flames can pose serious threats to people, smoke and toxic gases released during a fire outbreak, can be lethal. Inhalation of smoke can lead to organ damage, or worst, death. Fire-rated doors are designed to seal harmful gases and smoke in the affected area. This helps lessen the effects on the human respiratory system. For properties that store hazardous materials, a fire-rated door is an important fire strategy. 

Enhanced Security

Fire-rated doors also provide the benefit of enhanced security protection. They are built with resilient materials which make them more durable than other commercial overhead doors. 

Where Should I Install Them?

Installing a fire-rated door in your commercial building will definitely give your property optimum fire protection. Install fire-rated doors in these openings without breaking easy access;

  1. Entrance and exit ways that connect to halls or corridors
  2. Access door that opens to elevator shafts and stairwells.
  3. Doorways that divide two separate areas. 
  4. Doorways that separate hazardous areas. 

Choosing Fire-rated Doors

There are different types of doors available in the market. Each door comes with its own rating and manufacturer’s instructions. When choosing the type of shutter door, you need to choose the one that supports the requirements of your building. You may need a higher fire-resistant door if your industries and factories include chemicals, agriculture, food storage, and other sensitive products.  

Fire-rated Commercial Overhead Doors of Inland Overhead Door Company

Fire outbreaks can happen anytime and anywhere. Installing a fire-rated door is an effective way of protecting the occupants and your property from severe damage. 

Inland Overhead Door Company can help you find the right fire-rated overhead door. We have a wide range of rolling doors that meet demanding fire safety standards as well as aesthetic requirements. Call us today for a FREE garage door quote.