Learn About Belt vs Chain Garage Door Opener

Learn About Belt vs Chain Garage Door Opener

When your garage door opener breaks, consider having it replaced with either belt or chain garage door opener. Those two are the most common types of openers that a property owner will likely encounter. To assist you with the best option, let’s tackle some advantages and disadvantages of belt vs chain garage door opener.

Chain vs Belt Drive

  • Chain Drive Garage Door

To open the garage door, this type of drive belt uses a chain that is made of metal. This chain is attached to the tension spring that lifts the heavy door up and down and this chain drive requires less space. Moreover, this type is widely used in residential garages since it’s readily available and affordable.

  • Belt Drive Garage  Door

To open the garage door, this type of garage opener uses a rubber belt. Opening and closing the door triggers the rubber belt to slide a trolley.

Pros and Cons for Belt vs Chain Garage Door Opener

Belt Drive Pros and Cons

  • Since belt drive garage doors are made of rubber, they are more silent to operate.
  • They are readily available online and in various home improvement stores.
  • They are more durable which means that these belt drive garage door openers can manage significant lifts.
  • Replacing and installing a worn or broken belt drive is much easier than a chain drive.
  • Belt drives are easy to maintain because you don’t need to lubricate them regularly.
  • However, belt drive garage door openers are usually pricey because of the type of materials used to construct the

Chain Drive Pros and Cons

  • Chain drives can last for years if properly maintained.
  • Even if humidity or temperature varies, they are not subject to performance issues.
  • They are readily available in a variety of retailers, from megastores to smaller stores such as local hardware stores.
  • These openers are more affordable since they are constructed from inexpensive steel. Moreover, the replacement of parts in the future will be less cost-effective.
  • However, there are some disadvantages of chain drives:
  1. Since chain drive openers are durable and with consistent performance, they operate noisily. Especially if your car garage door is attached to your home or near your bedroom, the noise from metal friction can wake up your kids!
  2. When you open or close your garage door, sometimes it will create vibrations and lift in a shaky manner. This is because of the nature of the chain mechanism.
  3. Chain drive openers need regular maintenance every six months due to the presence of steel. So they should be kept free from excess dirt and moisture as they could lead to rust.

So Which is the Best Garage Door Opener?

Most experts choose belt drives to be the best product, however,, they tend to overlook many other factors that are valuable to the homeowner. In addition, your reasoning should also consider the size of your garage and also the weather conditions in your place. If you want to get the perfect garage door opener, you have to know your personal preferences and must account for what you really need.

With this article on belt vs chain garage door opener and with some advice from garage door professionals, you can now make an informed decision regarding which type should be installed in your home.

Seek Help From Professionals for Garage Door Installation

This guide can help you choose the appropriate type of opener in your garage. Though you are now aware of the pros and cons of belt vs chain garage door opener, you may still tackle more details with experts. Be it chain or belt garage door, our company can help you decide which one is best for your property.

And whenever you need assistance in purchasing a new opener or just identifying the right option for your home or office, our team at Inland Overhead door is always ready to help. You can trust our company and we make sure to provide not only quality garage doors but the best services for your garage door needs!