Learn About Garage Door Sensor Yellow Light Issues

Learn About Garage Door Sensor Yellow Light Issues

Different issues and malfunctions can happen at any time with garage doors. And one of the issues that cause them to malfunction might be with safety photo eye sensors. Most garages have door sensors that are built-in and serve to prevent accidents from automatic garage door openers. In this article, you will be able to find out what the garage door sensor yellow light issues are. Don’t panic. We will help you fix them. Or you can contact garage door services if necessary.

What does a yellow light mean on the sensor of your garage door?

The garage door has sensor lights to help you determine if there are problems. When the yellow or amber light is turned on, it means that the sending sensor is functioning properly. A garage door opener has sensors, one is a green LED light and a yellow LED light. The receiving sensor has a green light which indicates that it is working.

Moreover, the yellow light indicates that there’s no obstruction or interference between the two sensors. If the infrared beam is obstructed by something or someone, you won’t be able to see a yellow light on the transmitter. Thus, your garage door will stop working.

What can you do to fix the issue?

Here are things you can do to troubleshoot some common issues with your yellow light:

1. For poorly maintained or uneven garage door sensors, try to do the following: 

a. Get a measuring tape and measure the distance from the receiver to your floor and should be six inches.

b. Take note of the measurement in case it’s not 6 inches.

c. Then, try to measure the distance from the transmitter to your floor. The distance should be the same as the receiver.

2. If the transmitter and the receiver are not aligned, try to realign them. 

a. Get a wrench, loosen and tighten the wing nuts at an even distance. This will work but sometimes, after a couple of tries. This will make sure that you can see the beam and the yellow light remains.

3. Get rid of spiderwebs or any dust that could obstruct the lights. Dusting or using a clean towel to wipe off the lens will let you see a beam.

4. If 1 to 3 were done and yellow light still occurs, then check the wiring. 

a. If sensor wires are disconnected, turn off your garage door opener then reconnect them. If it is bad wiring, contact an electrician.

b. If the wires are worn out or frayed, fix them with electrical tape or replace them with new ones.

5. On several occasions, especially if the garage door is old, the safety sensors might not be working well. In addition, the sensors stopped registering signals. Try to change the sensors and see if it will fix the problem.

After replacement and it still didn’t work, the problem might be a logic board failure in the garage door system. It means that the signals from the computer part of the garage door couldn’t reach the motor unit in order to function. You might need a full replacement.

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