6 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Close

6 Reasons Why Your Garage Door Won’t Close

Unfortunately, your garage door can sometimes experience issues particularly when it stops working. You tried to open the garage then pushed the button of your remote again to close it, but nothing happened. Your garage door won’t close! 

This is very inconvenient but there’s no need to panic. Since it is heavy and has complicated parts in it, things could go wrong.

Some issues are easy and you can solve them yourself. However, some issues will require professional repair. To help you ease your stress, check the list below for the most common reasons.

Please tell me why my garage door won’t close?

While some garage door issues are serious, they’re common. A door that won’t shut would mean a repair or simply require a maintenance service.

Check out the following reasons below and call an expert when you experience some issues. 

1) Photo Eye Sensor Issues

Safety sensors are installed to protect your family from accidents. If your garage door doesn’t close (or open), it can be an indicator that your sensor’s photo eyes are the problem. 

If they are out of alignment or need some adjusting, call a professional to assist you. Moreover, be sure to remove anything that would obstruct the beam. If the sensors are dirty, just simply clean them with a soft cloth. 

2) Check the Power Source

  • Someone might have turned off the power source to the garage door opener. Check and ensure that all wire connections are plugged in.
  • If the motor is still running but the door is not closing, check the disconnect switch. If the disconnect switch is enabled, open and close your garage door manually. A professional can also disable this switch for you.
  • The problem might also be with the transmitter batteries. If the batteries are dead, the transmitter can’t send signals to your garage system. You can either fix it yourself if you have the right tools. Or call a specialist to evaluate the transmitter or replace the batteries for you.

3) Check the Track

  • Blocked track: an object might be the cause of clog and blockage. Blocking the door will prevent it from closing or opening.
  • Track alignment: this is one of the most common issues. Your tract needs the correct alignment for your door to work properly. Gaps can also form between the door’s rollers and the track or even the track can bend. Repair is necessary in this case.

4) Check for Broken Torsion Springs

Torsion springs and cables are responsible for the movement of your garage door. However, a torsion spring can snap and cause the cables to break. This will lead to malfunctioning. Contact a professional to check and replace these parts. 

5) Check the Remote Control

If the door still won’t close, the issue might be from your malfunctioning remote control. You need to check its batteries and replace them if necessary. 

6) Limit Settings are Not Adjusted Properly

A limit setting is a programming mechanism that sends a signal to the opener and determines the amount of movement required to open and close a garage door. If it starts to close but opens back up again, the settings could be incorrect. Let a specialist inspect and adjust the limit settings.


Professional Commercial Garage Door Repair Service  

We hope to give you a better understanding of what may be happening when your door gets stuck. Knowing the cause will help you to avoid spending on unnecessary maintenance, or making the problem more serious.

When your garage door won’t close, rely on a team of certified technicians at Overhead Door Company of the Inland Empire. Our company has years of experience handling various repairs. We are available 24/7 to serve you better, even in times of emergency.

garage door won’t close

If your garage door won’t close, it might be because of these issues. Contact Inland Overhead Door Company for professional garage door repair services.